Post 2: Save radical acceptance for later, go on-slap that co-worker now!

Okay, so not really!

But if you have a co-worker that you’d really love to slap, punch, kick, or scream at, then have I got the thing for you!

It’s called…(drumroll!!!)

Radical Acceptance!

Sure it sounds lame.

A good swift kick in the a– is so much more fun and makes for great gossip and dramatic effect.


That’s exactly what your Ego wants.

Allow this to be an opportunity for you to ask for guidance from your Higher Self (Holy Spirit), and make the choice that leads to an experience of connection with your brothers and sisters rather than isolation and separation, an experience of radical acceptance which opens you up for awakening.

When you make the choice to take down that Ego wall of separation and choose love over hate, love over fear, love over a good fight, love over isolation and separation, love over judgment and blame, you let the light in.

It might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but I guarantee it will be the most rewarding.

You may rather set yourself on fire than forgive someone.
You may rather knaw your own hand off rather than extend peace and love to a certain person.


And when you do, you will understand what ‘Awakening’ really is.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Choose Spirit Now!

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