Post 50: Yes I cry all the time…and I love it!

So the other day I was driving my little girl home from school when she asked me a question. I just happened to be crying a little bit to myself when she asked so when I answered her my voice cracked. Of course she noticed because you can’t get away with anything in front of kids, and she asked if I was crying. I actually lied to her (which I couldn’t believe I did) and told her I must have burped while answering her (wth???).

Anyway, the next day I’m proud to say that I brought it back up to her and told her that yes I had been crying. To explain, I was crying because I happened to be thinking in that moment that if we moved (something my husband and I have contemplated just recently) I would really miss my neighbor Mr. Johnny. Mr. Johnny is retired and lives on the corner with his wife and little long-haired chihuahua.

Over the last 5 years that I have walked my brood of dogs down our street, Mr. Johnny and I have been in the habit of hanging out for a few minutes and catching up on the goings on in the neighborhood. We have walked with Mr. Harold until he passed just last year of cancer. We have seen and aided our neighbor’s pit bull through 2 litters of puppies. We have watched solemnly as Mr. Chad’s son came to clean out his dads house after Mr. Chad died unexpectedly from a seizure (another retiree who hung out with us with his black lab Charlie who also happened to be responsible for those 2 litters of puppies).

Mr. Johnny has watched me go from 2 dogs to 1 dog to 2 dogs to 3 dogs to 4 dogs to 3 dogs to 2 dogs and now lovingly acknowledges my old boxer Cayman who we both know is walking his last days with me on this Earth.

In that moment that my little girl asked me a question I was thinking about how if we moved I would go visit Mr. Johnny and his wife and keep up with them as best I could. And I thought that there would one day be a day that I would go to visit and he would be gone like Mr. Harold and Mr. Chad and my dogs Roxy, Sasha, and soon Cayman. I was crying because I knew I would miss him and our walks and our talks, but I was also crying for the constant state of change that is this life. I was crying for the complexity of being human and watching time slip through my fingers as I try desperately to appreciate and fully taste, touch, and smell each and every moment that I have with my kids, my husband, my parents, my siblings, my pets, my friends, and those people like Mr. Johnny who hold a special place in my heart even though he might not ever know it.

I was crying and yet I was fully grateful to have this moment to cry and to be fully present. I was grateful for the ability to be so aware of the fragility of life and yet at the same time the deeper knowledge that even in death the soul lives on. I was crying and yet my tears were not just the human tears of sadness but the souls tears of gratitude and reverence for this experience of life that I am beholden to none other than God Himself for having.

I really love the fact that I cry a lot because it honestly makes me feel really connected to life. I used to be scared to feel emotion, that it would mean something bad was happening or that I was slipping back into the depression I knew so well when I was younger. But now I realize it is part of a complex landscape of feeling my way through life and doesn’t necessarily mean I’m having a bad day or sinking back into depression.

I cry for many reasons. I cry in gratitude for my baby Mia. When I pick her up from changing her diaper I always kiss her on the cheek and I find myself choked up with tears at the gratitude that wells up inside of me. I am grateful for the lessons that I learn everyday from my 2 girls and I often find myself crying in gratitude simply to be in a position to be able to be grateful.

I also cry because life is stressful and hard at times and it helps to relieve the stress by letting out a few tears now and then.

I cry because I know that life is a free flow of change and that is exciting as well as scary. I cry because I know I am going to lose people close to me someday, even though I believe that I’ll see them again. I cry over commercials and baby books and for someone I may see on the street because I sense the connection between us even though I will never know their name or what this life is like for them.

I find myself crying for many reasons, but mostly for gratitude and for the ability to live life awake, aware and present enough to experience all of the emotion and enjoy it as it comes. And I know that it is because of my practice of yoga and the work that I do that I am able to remain in this state of gratitude and awareness more often than not.

So continue with Choose Spirit Now and allow these tools to help you get back to this state of gratitude, awareness and presence whenever life gets too boring, busy or seems to lose its luster. Get excited about this opportunity to deepen your relationship to life and all that it has to offer.

All my best,


Post 49: Stress proof your life with this simple formula.

Highway Signpost "Shitstorm"Don’t get caught in a shitstorm…let’s talk about stress in terms of spiritual awakening and take it out at the root!

Stress can cause daily turmoil AND is the leading cause of disease.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re pleasantly plodding along at work when you get a phone call of another big TO-DO to add to your never-ending list. Suddenly you feel the crushing pressure of stress. Your muscles tighten in your neck and shoulders, your blood pressure escalates, and you hold your breath as you drive yourself to now complete the impossible before the end of the day.

What can you do to stay in your happy place and say NO to stress? 

Keep reading…I’ve got the answer!

First, let’s take a look at what’s really happening when we experience stress.

As you can imagine, our thoughts cause stress. It’s not outside forces that cause stress, it’s our reaction to the outside forces that causes stress, and our reaction comes in the form of thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. We are then subject to the subsequent roller coaster of emotions that stem from these thoughts, judgments and beliefs. This mental chatter and turmoil is part and parcel of the ego and is then stored in our bodies as stress and tension.

Tension and stress in the body is simply an indicator that we are living with the ego in complete control, as we allow ourselves to remain immersed in the mental chatter and turmoil. We have forgotten the bigger picture and we have become bogged down in the human experience. Remember, when ego is controlling the mind, we experience stress and anxiety. When Spirit is guiding the mind, we feel peaceful and calm. In other words, when we allow our thoughts, judgments, and beliefs to take over and send us into that reaction, we experience the stress and anxiety that comes from those thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. When life happens and we decide to put it in the hands of Spirit, we bypass the stress altogether and allow Spirit to guide us in the best way possible for that particular situation.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, take a look at the formula below and let it be a reminder of the bigger picture. You are a spiritual being. When ego takes over you feel cut off from your spiritual self. When you are stuck in the ego thought system and the stress it causes, you are preventing yourself from tuning into your higher guidance. When you remember the bigger picture and relax out of the stress you open yourself back up to that higher guidance.

This allows you to“see” the stress (the to-do lists, the responsibilities, the whatever…) as something definitely manageable and not so suffocating and crushing. Now you can be sure that your higher self will guide you through the to-do’s in the most efficient yet relaxed way possible.
If you write this formula down and place it in your car or on your desk, you can bet that the next time you feel the stress come crushing down, you can beat it in the length of time it takes to read this and ask for help from within.
So write this down on a notecard and stress proof your life instantly:

Stress & Anxiety = Ego

Peace & Calm = Spirit

Ask for help from Spirit (your higher self) – tune into and follow the guidance!

It’s really that simple.

Which are you living from, ego or Spirit? Choose Spirit Now!

Need more help? Put this formula into action with my 5 minute stress-buster meditation from last week that you can find at this link here.

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Post 46: The miracle of understanding jealousy.

Two Best Friends in Fight with hidden weaponsJealousy is one of the hardest things to admit to. Why? Because the ego does not like to admit defeat, and to admit to jealousy is equivalent to admitting that someone else is better than you.

Sometimes, it’s nice to look at the people who ruffle our feathers, who get our goats, who are, what A Course in Miracles call our petty tyrants, and ask ourselves if we could be jealous of something we think they have that we don’t. This is difficult but necessary if we truly want to look our ego in the eye and begin to let go of it.

I know, I know, it’s a LOT of fun sometimes to just call that person a b*&%$ or an a-hole and get on with it, BUT this just shows how controlling and manipulative the ego really is. Remember, the ego likes for us to push people away, more reason for us to wallow in feelings of loneliness and sadness later…yikes!

So, why is it to our advantage to look these most uncomfortable feelings in the eye and begin to allow ourselves to unravel the mystery behind them?

It’s simple. Because this is where we unveil the goal of spiritual adepts and sages. Once we are able to realize that this jealousy hides deeper feelings of inadequacy or even worthlessness, we can begin to allow ourselves to face these feelings, feel them fully, and release them for good.

Now comes the true miracle, an overwhelming sense of peace and connection as we reach out to this person instead of shun them. As we express gratitude for our petty tyrants, our feather rufflers, our goat getters, we know that these are fellow beings pushing us to see the most important thing in life which we forgot…that we are all one and the same and every bit on each others side, brothers and sisters eternal, God’s unified child.

Now take a few moments to ask yourself who your petty tyrants are in life, and see if you can face some of the underlying feelings that come up beneath the simple hostility you may feel toward them. Look forward to next week’s guided meditation to help you release any jealousy you may have toward someone else.

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Post 43: Let yoga take you on your own hero’s journey!

journeyA big THANK YOU to for allowing me to guest post for them.

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For any of you who are ready for an adventure, what Joseph Campbell termed “the hero’s journey”, but have not the time or the money, prepare for the most important adventure of all…the adventure within through yoga!

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Post 39: What parenting reveals to us about God.

Happy family together, parents with their little child sitting on grass at sunset

Parenting can reveal a lot to us about God. One thing I remember when my little girl was a newborn, was holding her in my arms and wishing that I could keep her safe from all the difficulties life has to offer. I knew I would do anything in my power to protect her but I also knew that she would have to go through life and have her own experiences and I would not be able to protect her from everything. I wished in those moments that I could prevent her beautiful baby skin from being scraped one day when she was riding her bike. I wished I could keep her from having to feel the hurt feelings she might have one day from other kids making fun of her. I wished I could shield her from all of the things that I knew might make life difficult for her one day.

Anyone who experiences parenting and anyone who can even imagine being a parent can tap into this deep desire to protect our children.
Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that God would want the same for His? A God who is all-loving would not want us to experience even one moment of pain or suffering, dissatisfaction, or un-fulfillment. A God who is all-loving would not want us to experience the death of a child, the death of a loved one, or the fear in anticipation of our own death.

Here’s where we get confused. When we think about God creating us, we automatically jump to the belief that God created us in the body. But the body dies eventually; the self-image we create in this life fades over time after our death. Would God create something that eventually dies?

We must wake up to the common-sense belief that initially God created us as Spirit, since this is the aspect that is godlike in its eternal nature and perfection. When we focus on God creating us in the body, which we know to be mortal, it subconsciously instills a fear of God in us, because we subconsciously think that God is, on some level, allowing us to suffer and die. A Course in Miracles does a great job in revealing this fear and the common sense answer that God created us in Spirit.

For whatever reason we decided to have this experience in the body, God has been with us all the way. And just as we would do anything in our power to keep our children from pain and suffering, God is begging us to remember the truth that He created us in a way that we cannot suffer, we cannot die!

This is why it makes total sense to me that there is an awakening that needs to happen. An awakening to the memory that God created us in His image. He created us to be like Him, perfect, whole and eternal, never to experience death, never able to be broken apart from the ones we love because they are a part of us and we are a part of them. This is what we have to wake up to, the memory of how we were created by God, not in the body, but in the underlying essence of all form, our immortal Spirit!

Don’t believe? No problem!

This truth is what we wake up to through yogic practices and A Course in Miracles. We can learn to go within in such a way that we feel our deep connection with everyone we’ve ever loved and will ever love. We can learn to go within in such a way that we uncover this truth as to how we were created in Spirit in God’s image. It takes practice to learn how to go within in this way—practice and help from above. This practice brings that sacredness back into our everyday lives. It brings us further than simply understanding these beliefs. It brings us into the truth and experience of these beliefs. We are filled with reverence for ourselves and all beings, all of creation, but most importantly we are filled with peace, knowing that no one can truly be taken from us.
Isn’t that what God would want for his children?

Yes and He is trying to help us remember that every day! All we need to do is listen!

How you ask? Practice yoga! Read A Course in Miracles! Get quiet…and feel the truth stirring inside of you!

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Post 38: Build trust in your higher self through guided meditation.

Many Caucasian People And Hands Holding Red Letters Or Characters Building The English Word Trust On Blue Sky

When its summer time and I find the occasional house fly buzzing at the sunroom windows wanting desperately to reach the other side, I find it incomprehensible when I open the sliding glass door which is feet away, shoe them towards it, and find them miss the open door completely and fly right back to that window, the one thing separating them from their goal.

But it made me think.

Isn’t this what a lot of us end up doing? We figure out what we want in life or what we want to do in life, but we put up this clear window so that we drool over the idea but make it seem impossible for ourselves to go for it. Then our higher self starts to talk to us, guide us, open that door just a few feet away. But fear prevents us from going through it to all the dreams we have for ourselves on the other side. We go through life convincing ourselves that we have been blocked from our dreams because we are too scared to trust the inner guidance that knows how to take us on the path toward them.

If we learn to trust in our inner guidance, we find that eventually we have to move away from that window. This is scary because we are putting ourselves out there. We are trying something new which means we could fail. We get scared because usually it is not a direct path toward the dream. It sometimes has to take us sideways, through the open door, and then finally out to the goal. A lot of us give up, because the sideways journey is tough and it seems like failure if we are not moving straight toward the goal. It’s easier to stay where we are, convincing ourselves that it is the window’s fault for our failure to reach the other side.

Quit acting like a common house fly! The door is open! Choose Spirit Now, and learn to tune into and trust in your higher self to lead you out!

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Bbegin your journey out that open door!

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Post 37: Ginger’s Guide Book Now Available!

Deep down you have always known the truth, now it’s time to tap into all that you are

Balboa PressAmazonBarnes & Noble 


Ponder this a moment:

Before it was proved that the world was round, could you imagine trying to convince someone that they were really living on a huge round planet spinning around the sun? People would look at you like you were crazy!

What if I told you that most of us are living immersed in a thought and belief system (the ego) that is completely running the show, that is completely responsible for our suffering in many forms? Crazy, right?

What’s crazy is the stress, anxiety, jealousy, insecurity, worry, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, etc. that this thought and belief system causes as the ego bogs us down in the busyness of life and old engrained belief patterns, enabling us to forget the most important truth we need to remember amid this human experience.

Choose Spirit Now is a guide book, a how-to for spiritual awakening, bringing together the best of both the ancient practice and teachings of yoga and the spiritual teachings from A Course in Miracles to finally free us from this ego thought and belief system by shining the light on every nook and cranny where it is hiding out. Are you ready to begin the most fascinating exploration of your own self and in the process reveal your absolute right to wholeness, happiness, and contentment as God-given gifts to all of us?!

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Post 36: You are worthy exactly as you are as God created you!

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

Growing up with a perfectionist Mom, well, makes you a bit of a perfectionist. It has taken many years to let go of a few aggravating behaviors that I picked up, but I have learned a lot in the process.

My mother and my older sister are both list-writers so I naturally became one too at an early age. At some point I found myself listing things just so that I could feel the excitement as I checked off another to-do. I mean, do I really need to remind myself to take a shower or brush my teeth? My sister got so bad about this that my brother used to sneak into her room and scribble things like “breathe” onto my sister’s not-to-be-messed-with list!

We always had a good laugh over it, but over time I realized how much my list was stressing me out…and it wasn’t on my list to get stressed out!

I gave up my list many years ago, and since I find myself at the grocery store every other day I can’t say it looks to be the wisest decision. However, it wasn’t until I began reading A Course in Miracles that I realized the immensity of what I had been battling with all of those years.

As a child I picked up on a need to finish my list to feel worthwhile. In my early 20’s as I began practicing yoga I naturally began tapping into my truest nature as Spirit, which is whole, perfect, and eternal as we were created in God’s image. As I continued to tap into the truth of who and what I really was as a perfect creation of God, I came to know, beyond the understanding of my mind, that I was worthwhile without having to DO anything. This allowed me to let go of the need to make myself complete a list in order to feel worthwhile and hence allowed me to give up my list altogether.

The more I practiced yoga the more I realized that I always got my stuff done even when it wasn’t written down, and with a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders driving me to check it off, check it off, check it off! I still write lists from time to time for one thing or another, but I am not a slave to my list by any means. Every now and then some things slip beneath the cracks but I now know that it doesn’t make me worthless!

Honestly, every now and again I find that list being created in my head…fold laundry, feed dogs, organize table…as feelings of worthiness hang in the balance. I take a deep breath, and another, and another, and remember that truly I am worthwhile just as God created me, and I don’t have to lift a finger to prove it!

When you really get this you can go on about your daily chores with ease AND find guidance and GUILT-FREE time for your creative passion and relaxation too!

Choose Spirit Now!

CSN Homework: The next time you find yourself writing a list, on paper or in your head, ask yourself if you are banking feelings of worthiness on its completion. You will immediately know intuitively! If so, take a deep breath and repeat the following silently in your mind: I am worthy as a perfect creation of God who created me in His image. I am worthwhile NOW, not just once I have completed my list.
Now ask yourself if there is something else you may want to do with your time, now that your worthiness isn’t based on x-y-z being accomplished.
When you really start practicing this you will find time seems to expand and you will get your must-dos accomplished, maybe not in the record time you used to force upon yourself, but with less stress and more ease. The reward for practicing this is that now you find you have more time to include life-giving to-do’s like simply relaxing, which opens you up for creative projects!
One more thing: when you find you are pushing yourself to do the to-do list check-off, forgive yourself and have a sense of humor surrounding the ego and its driving ability!

Post 35: The importance of expressing our creativity!

Artist. Woman artist

I was reading Dr. Christiane Northrup’s excellent book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom when I came across this profound passage that will really hit home for all of you creative people, which is EVERY SINGLE PERSON reading this—yes, we are ALL creative beings!

Dr. Northrup is talking about a woman having a baby (the epitome of the female creative ability) when she says, “And once the child is born, she must acknowledge that her creation has and always will have a life and personality of its own, even though it was created from her own flesh and blood.”

She goes on to say in the next paragraph (LISTEN UP—EVEN YOU GUYS), “Similarly, all of the creations that come from deep within us, from our ovarian wisdom—whether they be babies, books, or works of art—have a life of their own that we have a responsibility to initiate and allow but ultimately not to control.”

Wow. Again, like last week that theme of letting go of expectations which drives that need to control. Expectations of our children, but also expectations of our creative works of art! Brilliant!

If you have been wanting to start a creative project but fear has been holding you back, remember that desire to create inside of you is a gift from God. When you hold back out of fear you are preventing a work of art from coming into this world that has the potential to change lives for the better, to touch someone in a way that may change how they see the world. It is not your responsibility to worry about what may come of your work. It is your responsibility to be the vessel in which this creative work will come to life and if it potentially helps even one person then it has fulfilled its purpose. Sometimes that one person is YOU.

I have had to really watch this in writing my book, Choose Spirit Now: Wake Up to an Exquisite Life (out any day now). What I realized is that every time I found myself editing another passage, I sensed that my higher self was speaking straight to me through those pages, to remind me to stay awake along this journey. I felt that, if nothing else, this book was meant to come to life to help me on my own path. If I can share it with others and they find it helps them too, then awesome, but I have to be okay that it might have come to life just for me. And since we are all connected, then if it helps just me then it is helping everyone else too.

How do we let go of fear and facilitate remaining open to our unlimited, life-giving creativity and guidance as to how we can bring this creativity to life?

Practice yoga as guided meditation…it’s as simple as focusing on deepening the breath, letting the mind quiet, and tuning into that guidance from within. Choose from an array of guided meditations here to get started!

Choose Spirit Now!

CSN Homework: The next time you feel a desire to create something, to start a new project or a work of art, remember the magnitude of what is really happening. This is a gift from God, that we all have the ability to create, and every desire you have to do so is coming from the very essence of your being, your Spirit. So don’t let fear hold you back. Allow Spirit to continue to guide you and fill you with desire to bring positive, life-giving works of art into the world. Remember, it can be as simple as a note to a friend from the heart or as complex as a community project you want to pull together. Just let the creativity flow!

Post 34: Great ego expectations can lead to stagnation

A speedometer with the words Exceed Expectations represents the surpassing of expectations of the people you deal with, whether they are customers, superiors or others who need things from you

The Bhagavad Gita says the following: “But even the most praiseworthy acts should be done with complete non attachment and with no concern for results”.

When we can let go of our ego expectations of what will come of our actions, 2 things happen:

1. We free ourselves up for actually following our intuition (drawn to do things by Spirit rather than driven to do things by the ego).

2. We let go of the ego emotions (fear and anxiety) which sometimes leads to no action at all (stagnation) or the subsequent ego emotions (disappointment, worry, and feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness) if things don’t go the way we “expected”.

This does not mean you cannot have goals, or even detailed steps to reach these goals. It means we experience peace and contentment no matter what may come of our actions and goals because we are content in the knowledge that we were undeniably guided to do them.

How do you go about letting go of your expectations, opening you up for inner guidance, peace and contentment?

Practice yoga and…

Choose Spirit Now!

CSN Homework for the week: Be aware of when you are harping on expectations (expectations of a project/action you are thinking about starting, a project/action you are working on, or a project/action you have already finished). Take a deep breath and relax your mind around those expectations. Feel a lightness and comfort come over you as you realize that there is absolutely no need to harp on these expectations and actually letting them go WILL open you up for EVEN MORE inner guidance as you rest in that peace and contentment. Pat yourself on the back for even being able to notice when the mind begins to harp on these expectations of yourself or others. This isn’t easy! Namaste.