Post 48: Stress-Buster Meditation for Your Desk

disciplineIt’s difficult sometimes to stop for a moment when we are “in” a moment of stress. We push ourselves to keep going, to get things finished, to check off that never-ending list. I know because I do it myself all the time!

BUT, what if I told you that pausing for a few minutes can actually help you move through the list faster, more efficiently, with more focus, clarity and inspiration?

Being a massage therapist has really taught me the power of taking time for yourself. Every other week another therapist and I trade massage and I get an hour to stop and let go with absolutely no distractions. It is the most efficient way I have found to completely refuel, refocus, and come back to whatever was so important beforehand with a fresh perspective.

I highly recommend massage, a yoga class, or meditation. But when you have a deadline or can’t get away for that long, what I also recommend is simply a few minutes to completely relax your mind around whatever it is you’ve been working on. You will be amazed at how just a few minutes can be so effective.

The next time you feel your stress reaching a crescendo, try this 5-minute stress-buster, meant to be practiced right at your desk. Notice how you feel before, after, and share with me your findings!

Post 47: Jealousy Cleanse Meditation

EifersuchtLast week we talked about jealousy.

If you can admit to jealousy at all, then give yourself a pat on the back. It means that you can distance yourself enough from the ego to even admit it. This is the most difficult yet important step because now you can actually study it and begin to peal back the curtain on what this jealousy is really telling you.

As promised from last week, here is an 11 minute jealousy cleanse meditation. Anytime you feel jealousy arise or if you have an old jealousy you would like to get rid of, use this meditation to peal back the curtain on jealousy and get back to peace.

It will be worth the 11 minutes, I promise!

Post 45: Make a decision from higher guidance.

Right Decision, Wrong Decision Road SignAlright, here’s a little secret about me! I’m the most indecisive person I know. As a matter of fact, I amaze my family in my inability to make decisions at times. I can frustrate my husband in my inability to decide on a restaurant, a weekend plan, last minute things I may need for an outing. He and my daughter usually wait in the car while I scurry around the house trying to “decide” what else I might need for the car ride.

As frustrating as it is for others to watch, it is most frustrating for me, especially when the decision I am trying to make is an uber huge one. The good news is you can still dig deep and find guidance even when you think you have “thought” yourself into indecision.

The following guided meditation is my own way to get relaxed, allow that analytical thinking mind to settle, and wait for that overwhelming sense of just “knowing” what you are supposed to do to come over you. Most of the time, you have already made your decision, you just have to get out of your own way in order to let that decision take root.

Enjoy this guided meditation through sacred ceremony, to tune into your higher guidance to make your next big or small decision.

Know anyone who is having a difficult time making a decision? (Think graduates trying to decide on college!) Share it with them NOW through social media!

Post 44: Meet your higher self.

Dandelions in meadow during sunset.Does anyone else love to watch their kids imaginations go wild? My 6 year old has the wildest imagination and it makes me realize it makes life crazy fascinating to her! Why can’t we as adults hold onto some of that imagination and bring that fascination back into everyday life? Well, we can!

This is my first sacred ceremony through guided meditation that has been recorded. It will allow your imagination to run wild, but please know that this, like all my guided meditations, has been guided from my highest self. In other words, it has every intention to help you tune back into your higher self FOR REAL and bring your imagination into reality as you truly realize that you are your highest self and can live guided by this higher self in every moment.

Join me for this sacred ceremony through guided meditation in which you will meet your higher self and gain a renewed outlook on life! Need I say more?

You will be lying down and getting comfortable for this meditation so wait until you have the space and time to really let go for the full experience. Enjoy!


Post 42: Let Go of Ego Expectations

Ego Buster words in 3d letters on dynamite sticks as a bomb illustrating negative or discouraging feedback or criticism that deflates your morale or attitude

A few weeks back you might remember a blog titled Great Expectations can lead to Stinky Stagnation! The following is a guided meditation to help you let go of ego expectations surrounding your work, your play, your hobbies, anything that you feel guided to do but can’t seem to let go of the expectations your ego then heaps on top, leaving you feeling anything from guilt to overwhelm to anxiety to worthlessness or inadequacy and a whole range of other uncomfortable emotions.

Next time you feel any of this, please take a few minutes to relax, listen to this guided meditation, and tune back into your higher self.

Post 41: How to meditate.

Young attractive female meditate in park. Outdoor shot

For newbie meditators or any of you who already meditate but are still trying to figure out what in the world you are really doing, this is for you! It’s an instructional video which will teach you why to meditate and how to meditate.

There are numerous ways to lead a guided meditation but this video pertains to my unique style of guided meditation which I love to lead. Once you practice this one you can confidently practice any of my other guided meditations with a better idea for what you are after through this amazing ancient practice: a practice that is not a stranger to any religion or spiritual tradition. So if you believe in God, don’t let religion or tradition hold you back, because there is no better way to reach God than through this practice of going deep within your own self.

For more FREE online guided meditations click here!

Enjoy! Leave me a comment on how you liked this meditation and if there are any other meditations that you would like to hear from me in the future! Remember, there is no better way to let me know that you enjoyed it than by sharing it with others!

Post 40: Tap into creativity.

Close up Young Blond Kid Painting Abstract Design Using Various Colors on White Wall During her Painting Time.

In yogic philosophy there is this idea that we are all trying to get back to how we were as kids, joyful and content in life! Most of us might be able to remember those days, some of us might not. It was before “life” happened and all the experiences, good and bad, were laid out for us that unequivocably changed our lives.

What I love about having a 6-year old in the house is watching how content she is. She is a busy little bee, always building worlds in minecraft or creating various art with items she finds around the house. She is NOT bored!

And what is really cool is that she doesn’t want to go to bed, not to spite her parents, but because she is enjoying life so much she doesn’t want to break for sleep!

This is what we need to tap back into as adults. What do you enjoy doing, especially the little things? What are you inspired to do? What do you love to do that inspires you even more?

If you cannot even think of anything that you love to do, then take the next few moments to join me in this meditation to tap into a clear space in which you can tap into your creativity and inner guidance.