Post 49: Stress proof your life with this simple formula.

Highway Signpost "Shitstorm"Don’t get caught in a shitstorm…let’s talk about stress in terms of spiritual awakening and take it out at the root!

Stress can cause daily turmoil AND is the leading cause of disease.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re pleasantly plodding along at work when you get a phone call of another big TO-DO to add to your never-ending list. Suddenly you feel the crushing pressure of stress. Your muscles tighten in your neck and shoulders, your blood pressure escalates, and you hold your breath as you drive yourself to now complete the impossible before the end of the day.

What can you do to stay in your happy place and say NO to stress? 

Keep reading…I’ve got the answer!

First, let’s take a look at what’s really happening when we experience stress.

As you can imagine, our thoughts cause stress. It’s not outside forces that cause stress, it’s our reaction to the outside forces that causes stress, and our reaction comes in the form of thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. We are then subject to the subsequent roller coaster of emotions that stem from these thoughts, judgments and beliefs. This mental chatter and turmoil is part and parcel of the ego and is then stored in our bodies as stress and tension.

Tension and stress in the body is simply an indicator that we are living with the ego in complete control, as we allow ourselves to remain immersed in the mental chatter and turmoil. We have forgotten the bigger picture and we have become bogged down in the human experience. Remember, when ego is controlling the mind, we experience stress and anxiety. When Spirit is guiding the mind, we feel peaceful and calm. In other words, when we allow our thoughts, judgments, and beliefs to take over and send us into that reaction, we experience the stress and anxiety that comes from those thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. When life happens and we decide to put it in the hands of Spirit, we bypass the stress altogether and allow Spirit to guide us in the best way possible for that particular situation.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, take a look at the formula below and let it be a reminder of the bigger picture. You are a spiritual being. When ego takes over you feel cut off from your spiritual self. When you are stuck in the ego thought system and the stress it causes, you are preventing yourself from tuning into your higher guidance. When you remember the bigger picture and relax out of the stress you open yourself back up to that higher guidance.

This allows you to“see” the stress (the to-do lists, the responsibilities, the whatever…) as something definitely manageable and not so suffocating and crushing. Now you can be sure that your higher self will guide you through the to-do’s in the most efficient yet relaxed way possible.
If you write this formula down and place it in your car or on your desk, you can bet that the next time you feel the stress come crushing down, you can beat it in the length of time it takes to read this and ask for help from within.
So write this down on a notecard and stress proof your life instantly:

Stress & Anxiety = Ego

Peace & Calm = Spirit

Ask for help from Spirit (your higher self) – tune into and follow the guidance!

It’s really that simple.

Which are you living from, ego or Spirit? Choose Spirit Now!

Need more help? Put this formula into action with my 5 minute stress-buster meditation from last week that you can find at this link here.

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Post 48: Stress-Buster Meditation for Your Desk

disciplineIt’s difficult sometimes to stop for a moment when we are “in” a moment of stress. We push ourselves to keep going, to get things finished, to check off that never-ending list. I know because I do it myself all the time!

BUT, what if I told you that pausing for a few minutes can actually help you move through the list faster, more efficiently, with more focus, clarity and inspiration?

Being a massage therapist has really taught me the power of taking time for yourself. Every other week another therapist and I trade massage and I get an hour to stop and let go with absolutely no distractions. It is the most efficient way I have found to completely refuel, refocus, and come back to whatever was so important beforehand with a fresh perspective.

I highly recommend massage, a yoga class, or meditation. But when you have a deadline or can’t get away for that long, what I also recommend is simply a few minutes to completely relax your mind around whatever it is you’ve been working on. You will be amazed at how just a few minutes can be so effective.

The next time you feel your stress reaching a crescendo, try this 5-minute stress-buster, meant to be practiced right at your desk. Notice how you feel before, after, and share with me your findings!

Post 47: Jealousy Cleanse Meditation

EifersuchtLast week we talked about jealousy.

If you can admit to jealousy at all, then give yourself a pat on the back. It means that you can distance yourself enough from the ego to even admit it. This is the most difficult yet important step because now you can actually study it and begin to peal back the curtain on what this jealousy is really telling you.

As promised from last week, here is an 11 minute jealousy cleanse meditation. Anytime you feel jealousy arise or if you have an old jealousy you would like to get rid of, use this meditation to peal back the curtain on jealousy and get back to peace.

It will be worth the 11 minutes, I promise!

Post 46: The miracle of understanding jealousy.

Two Best Friends in Fight with hidden weaponsJealousy is one of the hardest things to admit to. Why? Because the ego does not like to admit defeat, and to admit to jealousy is equivalent to admitting that someone else is better than you.

Sometimes, it’s nice to look at the people who ruffle our feathers, who get our goats, who are, what A Course in Miracles call our petty tyrants, and ask ourselves if we could be jealous of something we think they have that we don’t. This is difficult but necessary if we truly want to look our ego in the eye and begin to let go of it.

I know, I know, it’s a LOT of fun sometimes to just call that person a b*&%$ or an a-hole and get on with it, BUT this just shows how controlling and manipulative the ego really is. Remember, the ego likes for us to push people away, more reason for us to wallow in feelings of loneliness and sadness later…yikes!

So, why is it to our advantage to look these most uncomfortable feelings in the eye and begin to allow ourselves to unravel the mystery behind them?

It’s simple. Because this is where we unveil the goal of spiritual adepts and sages. Once we are able to realize that this jealousy hides deeper feelings of inadequacy or even worthlessness, we can begin to allow ourselves to face these feelings, feel them fully, and release them for good.

Now comes the true miracle, an overwhelming sense of peace and connection as we reach out to this person instead of shun them. As we express gratitude for our petty tyrants, our feather rufflers, our goat getters, we know that these are fellow beings pushing us to see the most important thing in life which we forgot…that we are all one and the same and every bit on each others side, brothers and sisters eternal, God’s unified child.

Now take a few moments to ask yourself who your petty tyrants are in life, and see if you can face some of the underlying feelings that come up beneath the simple hostility you may feel toward them. Look forward to next week’s guided meditation to help you release any jealousy you may have toward someone else.

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Post 45: Make a decision from higher guidance.

Right Decision, Wrong Decision Road SignAlright, here’s a little secret about me! I’m the most indecisive person I know. As a matter of fact, I amaze my family in my inability to make decisions at times. I can frustrate my husband in my inability to decide on a restaurant, a weekend plan, last minute things I may need for an outing. He and my daughter usually wait in the car while I scurry around the house trying to “decide” what else I might need for the car ride.

As frustrating as it is for others to watch, it is most frustrating for me, especially when the decision I am trying to make is an uber huge one. The good news is you can still dig deep and find guidance even when you think you have “thought” yourself into indecision.

The following guided meditation is my own way to get relaxed, allow that analytical thinking mind to settle, and wait for that overwhelming sense of just “knowing” what you are supposed to do to come over you. Most of the time, you have already made your decision, you just have to get out of your own way in order to let that decision take root.

Enjoy this guided meditation through sacred ceremony, to tune into your higher guidance to make your next big or small decision.

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